“My mind connected with my body and my body connected with the horse.  The unity of motion caused pure lightness and understanding on both sides.  Once you feel the difference you just know this is a better way of riding for you and for your horse”

– Kati Limby Vienna, Austria

“Regina taught me the importance of finding your bubbling spring to help your balance and centeredness prior to riding.  After reflecting on my experience as a student of Regina’s for many years, I realized that Regina is my “bubbling spring” of an instructor.  She is that safe person who you can tottaly trust to take you to greater horizons with your riding and your life!”

– Sue Clark, Nicholasville, Kentucky

In July of 2010 Relfex Sympathetic Dystrophy, or as it is commonly referred to as RSD, was getting a strong hold on my everyday life. At 45, I felt my health slipping away from me and after spending a night in the hospital from a severe case of acid reflux and was very concerned with how I was going to find a way to better health. My husband and I have a 1200 acre ranch in Northern Colorado so riding a horse has been a part of my life for more than twenty years and as a child my daughter participated in the Yampa Valley Pony Club.

Not being a big fan of traditional exercise such as walking I contacted Regina to see if she was still giving lessons and began the centered riding program with her. I consider the centered riding, not just normal horseback riding, to be the method that has helped me to not only manage my pain but to gain a clearer understanding of my body position in all aspects of my life and the exercise has greatly reduced my need for acid blockers and helped my to become strong and fit again.

The hardest stop with any chronic pain management such as RSD or fibromyalgia is to begin the difficult path of exercising through the pain. I would strongly suggest to anyone that they contact Regina to see how her centered riding program could help you to manage your pain and begin a relationship with your horse again. As the old saying goes, there is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.

-Glynda S. Sheehan, Colorado


At age 62 I m riding and still showing.  Lessons with Regina have helped me immensely with my journey for the following reasons.  

1) No matter what you know if you cannot communicate well you cannot be effective – Regina is a phenomenal communicator
2) No matter how skilled and talented rider you are if you cannot see what the student needs to learn next you cannot be effective – Regina is an insightful trainer and know the next step that is needed.

-Kathy Obenhaus, Las Vegas, Nevada

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