Georgiana Stetter, Steamboat Springs, Colorado

One of Regina¹s finest assets is her unwavering positive energy to adapt and communicate effectively her vast horse/rider knowledge. Her professional background and many years of practical experience ensure that her lessons provide unique opportunities to develop and fine tune one¹s equestrian skills.

It is a pleasure to have Regina as my instructor resulting in noticeable advancements in my horse¹s balance, straightness, suppleness and dressage movements as well as keeping me, the rider, constantly adapting and improving my dressage riding skills.

 Callay Danford, Dixon, Wyoming

As a lifelong rider I had no idea how much I still had to learn. Regina opened up a whole new world for me when I decided that learning dressage and training my own horse was my journey. In the 8 years that I have been training with Regina, her Centered Riding techniques and experience in dressage has forged a path for my horse and I to form a true partnership and create goals that we can be proud of. Her true gift is helping me as a rider build a tool kit that I can access for the rest of my life, be it with my current horse or another, and that I can have confidence in my own ability to move forward in my journey without continual instruction. We never forget how extraordinarily blessed we are to have learned from Regina.

Elisabeth Mayer - Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Regina is truly unique in that she possesses great passion for both the horse and rider that, when paired with her years of experience and dedication to all aspects of equine training and care, enables her to identify the unique needs of each horse and rider to establish a personalized training program that sets up all involved for success.
Regina transformed both my mare, Daisy, and me over a two year period. Prior to finding Regina, Daisy and I worked with four different trainers over a four year period. While each may have meant well, I regularly left training sessions feeling defeated and disheartened. One trainer told me Daisy should never jump again. Another trainer said the only way Daisy could continue any work was with injections and steroids. Well, after less than a year of working with Regina, Daisy and I competed in our first show together, WINNING the 2’6” Hunter jumpers. No injections. No steroids. Zero soundness issues. Confident and happy horse and rider.
Regina carefully studied and analyzed Daisy’s movements, habits, strengths, and weaknesses in order to identify how to best ride her. Then she did the same for me, adjusting my body position, developing my skills, and building my confidence to help get the best from both me and my horse. She armed me with knowledge, confidence, and a wide range of exercises so that even in her absence and between lessons I would be able to work through challenges and continue to progress. She also helped outside of the arena, introducing me to different warm up and stretching routines for horse and rider, as well as alternative healthcare such as chiro and acupuncture in addition to traditional veterinary practices, even advising on Daisy’s diet and Hoofcare.

I am thrilled to report that, thanks to Regina’s focus on correct and balanced riding that is tailored to each horse, I have a horse that loves to go to work, knows how to use her body, and is sound and strong. My bond with my horse and confidence in my own riding has never been stronger. Thank you Regina. Daisy and I love you!!