Flat Clinics 2017

Equitation, Dressage, Lateral Work

May 16 - Body Awareness and Fitness

June 6 - Transitions

July 11 - Cavalletti and Pole Work

August 10 - Clairty of Your Aides

September 7—Body Awareness

Gymnastics, Jumping Courses Clinic and Centered Riding® Instructor Clinic

Gymnastics, Jumping Courses, Varied Terrain

May 30 - Review of Basics
July 25 - Gymnastics
August 24 - Low Courses, Field Work, Varied Terrain
September 5 - Gymnastics

Centered Riding® Update with Susan Harris

A teaching workshop for current certified Centered Riding Instructors  for Centered Riding® developed by Sally Swift.  Susan Harris will take instructors who are rectifying through bodywork, groundwork, riding, training and teaching.  Auditors Welcome. RSVP by 8/1/17 Call 970-819-2336.

"Ride a Test" Clinics 2017

May 25
June 1
July 20
August 22
September 12

New this year, these clinics will focus on riding through test patterns, what the move-ment means and how to do them correctly. At the end of the day you will get to ride the test with feedback from Regina. If you wish to take one of these clinics you will receive a folder with test patterns from the Western Dressage Organization (WDAA & WDOCO) and the US Dressage  Federation (USDF). You will get to choose the pattern that suits you to work on. We will have walk/trot tests and walk/trot/canter tests.

About Full Day Clinics....

Join Regina in an intimate setting for one of these spectacular all day clinics. Learn from her as she weaves centered riding for all discipline through her unique teaching style and techniques. These clinics are open to all disciplines both Western and English riders are welcome. Not up for a full day... feel free to join us for the morning session and leave after lunch.

Space is limited so please sign up early, many clinics had a waiting list last year. You may sign up for an many or few as you wish. For more information or to sign up please contact Merry Lester at: mlester@mmwands.com or 303-883-4204.

Location: Clinics will be held at Lore and Chad Marvin’s Ranch in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Directions and any changes will be sent to you theday before the clinic.


Clinics in Wyoming and Colorado

Open Centered Riding® Clinic Two Day, call Callay Danford 307-380-7047, CDanford@dteworld.com, date to be announced.


Regina Liberatore showing foot position to student